Well you found me!  Welcome to the website.  It was created as a place to get to know a side of me with which many folks are not familiar.  Please forgive me, but sometimes my last name is mispronounced.  "Cron" rhymes with "lawn".

Here in Springfield, Missouri I am known as an actor and director.  People have seen me in local theatre productions and independent films shot in the area.   I also teach others about acting for Film, TV & Stage.  If you want to know more about that you can go to A Class Act.

But, this site is about my music.  

As a small child, in Los Angeles, CA,  I used to lie on my mom's bed and pluck at the strings of her guitar.  Years later she told me, she never wanted to force playing the guitar on me.  She thought I would just pull away from the idea.  She thought instead to "conveniently" let it hang around until one day I w
ould ask to be taught.  I eventually did.  Although I never mastered it or any other musical instrument, I certainly began to develop my creative side first through music.

What kind of music?  Well , my mom was born in Tennessee and even living in Los Angles I heard Hank Williams, the Carter Family, Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys,  and many many other of the old-time greats of  Country/Western music (to this day it bugs me to have to call it just Country music but times change).   When my mom was a child, my grandfather would take her, and her sister and brother around to every  singing contest, honky
tonk or anywhere people were playing country tunes and let them sing.  He dreamed of having a Country Star in the family.  Heck, when I was little he even took me to a singing contest on the supermarket parking lot and had me sing the theme to Davy Crockett!  I won a baseball bat for it too!

So, as the years slipped by I would write a song or two; when young a country song,  in the sixties a folk song or two,  in the seventies new age music.   By this time my family had moved to Springfield, Missouri.  I grew up going to Central High School, and graduating from the local state college.   My later relationship with this institution is a story for another time.

 I eventually moved to New York City to pursue an acting career.  I never became rich and famous, but had a blast and made some wonderful friends.  But like I said this site is not about acting or that "biz".   But I did get a Christmas country song I had written many years ago put in a play.  The song was Pumpin' Gas on Christmas Eve.   Because of that song, I got a chance to cut a demo.  
                                                                                                                                                                        younger days
                                                                                                                                                                        Younger Days
The producer's ideas was to promote this novelty song, but he wanted more songs to put on a demo.  So I wrote some more.   We cut the demo, we toured the Nashville nightclub circuit, and got some interest.   Nashville music industry people said I had to move to Nashville if I wanted to succeed in the the music industry.  Well, I was a New York actor and wasn't ready to stop that at the time.   So, my music career was put on a long, long, hold,

Well, as I've said I didn't get rich and famous in the Big Apple as planned
.   With no regrets (well, very little at least), I moved back to Springfield with my wonderful wife, to raise my son, Josh.  Who is truly the most wonderful son a father could ever, ever ask for.  Nothing in this world has given me more joy than having him in my life.

Well, here I am in Springfield and the electronic age is in full swing.  Now my songs can be heard by possibly thousands of people via the net.  

Ha! Time flies!

Who knows, maybe you will want to buy one or record one.  Either way, have a listen.  If you can tap your foot to one of my tunes; if somehow my lyrics touch you, move you, make you smile or ponder your own life...well, truly that's what it's all about!

And you can always email me and let me know what you think of the music at

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